Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bulldog Radio - I'm on Air!

Alright so Bulldog radio might not be the best college station around, but I'm on it! So you should listen. We are currently lacking a FM frequency for those of you in the Big Rapids area, so you'll either have to tune in on cable channel 21 or listen online with the link in the top right corner on our homepage. My show runs every Wed. from 3-4pm, tune in! (For the next two weeks, haha.)

Currently the stream seems to only work with Winamp and VLC media players, however I think someone is fixing that, and if I end up staying here next year I'm definitely going to be looking at making some improvements to the station including making available an itunes and WMP stream.

You can download Winamp here, and VLC (which I recommend) here.

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