Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hip-Hop Rock is Dead

Yeah I said it, so what? Even MTV (or at least someone they may or may not pay to blog for them) thinks so!

The die-hard fans of the music have long complained that it’s just not hitting like it used to. Do they need a guy who can battle Slash in playing guitar? No. Do they need a guy who has a voice as harmonious as Elvis? Not really. They need that new, long-haired rebellious hero. They need that guy who might walk out of his own concert before the show even starts. They need that guy who is going to tell the world he does what he wants, and you damn well better like it. Rock needs Lil Wayne. - Shaheem Reid, MTV

I almost fully agree with the whole article, right up until the points where he mentions how cool Wanye is and that he is going to save Rock. So if rock really needs this and this then it really is dead. Who's the hottest rock band out these days anyway? Nickleback? Good joke. Rock music is dead, and you better baleedat!

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