Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Plaxico Burress=Cheddar Bob

The big story in the world of sports for the past couple of days has been that of New York Giants star wide receiver Plaxico Burress and how the dumb ass shot himself in the leg at a club this past friday night. As i was sitting there watching in amazement of how stupid the whole situation was i came to thinking.."i know ive seen this before" then it hit me, he did the same shit as that mentally handicapped guy did on the movie 8 mile.

Now if that wasn't embarrising enough they come to find out that Plex (as people call him) didnt have a permit to carry a weapon so he gets charged with two counts of second degree criminal possesions of a weapon which carries a sentence of a miminum of 3 1/2 years in prison. NOW YOU FUCKED UP!

With that one shot has the possiblitly of losing upwards to $24 million dollars and could spend the prime of his NFL career sitting in a jail cell. The New York Giants don't seem to be missing him to much as they improved thier record to 11-1 over the Washington Redskins this past weekend, tops in the NFC East.

God he sucks. Balee Dat!

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